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By HDE Hockey, 07/28/18, 12:30PM CDT



July 27, 2018…HD Engine and Western Selects Hockey have formed an alliance for the purpose of creating more opportunity for Western US elite players to participate in high competition spring hockey events.

The Western Selects now builds their Brick Tournament team from players residing in states included in the Pacific and Rocky Mountain Districts, to attend the Edmonton Brick Invitational Hockey Tournament in Alberta every summer. In the Southwestern region, Dallas Stars Elite in conjunction with the Tulsa Jr Oilers oversee player identification for advancement to the Brick Main Camp tryouts for the 10 & Under group (for 2019, the 2009 Birth Year).

At the 11 & Under group, both HD Engine and Western Selects have franchise invitations to The Continental Showdown (THE SHOW) in Minnesota 2019 (2008 birth year).

While HDE and WS are already partners with the Brick program, THE SHOW tournament has some unique anomalies to consider due each program having a charter to THE SHOW and the historical geographic overlap between the programs. Player identification skates will be conducted this summer by HD Engine for the purpose of identifying the most qualified candidates for both program roster to attend THE SHOW tournament in Spring of 2019.To that end, and consistent with the territory summary below, HD Engine retains rights for players who reside in Oklahoma and Western Selects retains rights for Texas players.

The following sets forth the determination of THE SHOW and the agreement reached between HD Engine and Western Selects to administer fair access for players to make their respective teams THE SHOW:

• HD Engine will have full oversight and control of Oklahoma.

• Western Selects will have full oversight and control of Texas.

• Whereas HD Engine’s coaches, players, and their families have a distinct geographical advantage due to closer proximation to Texas than Western Selects, HD Engine will use talking points in a clear manner so that Texas players are fully aware of how the regional team building works. Texas player may attend HD Engine identification skates but they should understand that, via our working alliance, they are also being evaluated for Western Selects, and Western Selects may ultimately choose that player.

• For continued support for the HD Engine/Western Selects working alliance with THE SHOW, WS region players who are NOT selected to play for the WS team to be eligible to play for HD Engine and vice versa.While this technically means either team could have players from each other’s region, a de facto out of region situation, it is an important and necessary solution to maintain a healthy cooperative between the two organizations.

• HD Engine’s territory would include Missouri and states northward to the Dakotas and perhaps the availability for some fill ins from Minnesota kept to a “not to exceed” maximum number.



•HD Engine: Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, portion of MN.

•Western Selects: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas

•Residency policy: There is a need to implement a residency policy so that a players and families must abide by the policies set forth in place, i.e. a Texas player selected for Western Selects can’t simply decline just so he can play for HD Engine and vice versa. If HD Engine has an evaluation skate and Texas players–those parents need to know that they are, for lack of a better term, property of Western Selects. Similarly, the territory rules will govern, not previous club participation.

•Example 1:if an Oklahoma player who is selected but declines, or refuses by declaration to NOT play for HD Engine hoping to play with the Western Selects, that player will not be eligible to play for Western Selects or any other SHOW team.Same goes for a Texas player or any California or other WS region player. This is the only way to maintain structure and transparent lines of player (thus team) selection.

•Example 2: Previous year Brick players – SHOW eligibility. If an Oklahoma player who played on the Brick team the previous year is available to the Western Selects Show team it hurts HD Engine. Player goes to HDE. Example:WS had a Missouri player on the Brick team this past year, since this player lives in the HD Engine region of Missouri, HD Engine should have first right of refusal on his services.


2008 Overall Schedule

Aug 25-26th – Team Weekend & ID Camp, Tulsa, OK

Sept 22-23rd – Team Weekend & ID Camp, Tulsa, OK

Dec 27-29 – Western Selects Main Camps for 09s (Brick) and 08s (The Show)

March 30-31st – Team Weekend, Tulsa, OK

April 18th-21st – Nashville Music City Invitational

May 3rd-5th – Top Tier Toronto

June 12-16th – Winnipeg (tentative) – Belfry High Performance Camp

*includes games vs Team Manitoba Brick

June 25th-30th – The Show, Blaine MN